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Shaka events are hosted and curated by the Shaka team for the club's community, consisting of members and approved users.* See below for details on the three different types of events the Shaka Club hosts. 


  • 50-100+ people

  • Approved users and members invited 

  • Access usually $15-$40+

  • Members get discounted pricing

  • Largest, most festive events 

Happy Hours

  • 30-50+ people

  • Approved users and members invited 

  • Usually $15 access for approved users

  • Members get FREE access

  • Medium-sized mingling events


  • 15-50+ people

  • Hikes, workout classes, tastings, cultural and more

  • More intimate, highly curated

  • Ticket prices vary

  • Members get discounted pricing


  • *"Members" are people in the Shaka community on membership plans who get event discounts and earn loyalty points and rewards.

  • *"Approved users" are people who have completed Shaka's screening but are not on a membership plan and pay higher ticket prices to access Shaka events.

  • Representatives from the Shaka team are always on premises at events to handle logistics, make introductions amongst event attendees, and ensure everything runs smoothly.

  • All Shaka events are private, custom, and exclusively hosted for people in the Shaka community and their guests.

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